Mike Shinoda, the co-founder and vocalist of Linkin Park, has recently come up on Instagram with the photo he took of an extraordinary sight of the moon with a crazy halo around it so as to ask his fans what is going on.

As you might recall, the iconic rapper, record producer, and graphic designer, Mike Shinoda, teamed up with the famous digital production marketplace, Beat Stars, to host a remix challenge for the first track on the ‘Dropped Frames, Vol. 1,’ ‘Open Door,’ a few weeks ago.

Shinoda announced the winner of the exciting contest, the fan of him whose musician nickname is ‘The Apollo,’ and congratulated the young artist for making such a great job on the acclaimed instrumental song.

As the fans have been waiting for another project related to Shinoda’s multi-album project, ‘Dropped Frames,’ he directed the attention to another issue. With his latest Instagram post, Mike pointed out the mysterious ways of nature, asking what’s going on with the moon right now.

While some of his fans presumed it’s the work of aliens, the majority of them referenced the lyrics of the unforgettable Linkin Park song, ‘A Place For My Head,’ in the comments. They went on to say the opening lines of the song that goes, ‘I watch how the moon sits in the sky in the dark night.’ However, the cause of this incredible view still remained as a mystery.

Here’s what Mike Shinoda said in his latest Instagram post:

“What is going on with the moon right now? There’s a crazy halo around it.”

You can see the post below and check out the winning remix of ‘Open Door’ here.