A dedicated fan of Linkin Park has revealed a really great moment when he gave his phone to the iconic vocalist of the band, Mike Shinoda, during a show last year as he forgot the lyrics of a song.

On the online platform and social media website 9GAG, a fan of the Linkin Park who went to the concert of the band last year shared the video of a very special moment he had during the show.

While singing ‘Sorry For Now,’ a song from the 2017 album ‘One More Light,’ Shinoda wants to rap it over with an old song ‘Step Up,’ which was released on the Hybrid Theory EP in 1999.

However, he forgets the lyrics, and, realizing this, the fan shows them to him on his phone. Shinoda gets really surprised and borrows his fan’s phone. He completes the song by looking for lyrics.

You can see the video taken at that moment right below.