The iconic star of Linkin Park and the co-founding member of the band, Mike Shinoda, has shared a new tweet to answer the recent announcement tweet of ‘Linkin Park Live’ via his own Twitter account.

Two days ago, the fan page of Linkin Park called ‘Linkin Park Live’ had shared a tweet about an event and announcement from Mike Shinoda himself.

Here’s the tweet of the page:

Mike Shinoda has texted fans and asked which of the three new demos he created should he work on today!

He included clips of them all and wants your opinion. What do you think?”

Today, Mike Shinoda paid attention to the recent post ‘Linkin Park Live’ and reposted it on his official Twitter account.

You might see below that Mike has made another statement about this event and thanked all fans due to their interest. Also, he shared his phone number to learn what they want from them.

Here’s the tweet of Mike Shinoda:

“To all the people responding to this tweet: you could have been part of the actual decision about the song while I was writing it. Text me at (310) 935-0302.”

You can see the tweets of them right below.