Press Release

Crushing audiences across the globe with their driving force and energetic stage presence, Melbourne thrashers MASON deliver commanding performances that has taken them on tours across Australia and beyond in Asia, Europe plus Canada where they have shared the stage with the likes of Harlott, Havok, Accept, Revocation, Mutank and Annihilator.

Drawing influence from The Big Four and The Bay Area, MASON encapsulates the 80′s thrash sound mixed with fast tempos and a dominating rhythm section. Their second full length “Impervious” features nine glorious thrashing tracks mixed and mastered by Erin Hamidovic (Devin Townsend Project, Sikth, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, Elm Street). Set to be unleashed officially on October 6th and kick the mosh pit into overdrive, the Mad Maxs have teamed up with New Noise Mag for the full album stream premiere.

Vocalist / guitarist Jimmy Benson comments:

“During the demo process we wrote a lot of material, but the majority made the ‘Impervious’ album minus one or two songs. We spent a lot of time fine tuning the songs and making sure they kicked ass! For this album, we focused mainly on trimming the fat and stepping up the energy and tempos. Fast, focused and heavy! For those wanting to know more about this release. ‘Impervious’ touches on so many topics from suicide, death, terrorism and more events that happen to people around the world. When ya look at the front cover, it is a symbol of character and strength of a boy that goes about his everyday life in the worst conditions and does what is normal to him to get by day to day. To sum it up, this new album is powerful and holds a strong message from start to finish.”

Listen to “Impervious” at the following link:

Album order for a CD copy of “Impervious” available on MASON‘s website plus will be available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major online retailers on October 6th.

Music Videos:

“Cross This Path”
 (features live clips from their cross Canada tour with Annihilator and Mutank this past June) –

“Tears of Tragedy” –

Show Dates:
Nov 11 – Prince Bandroom – Melbourne, Australia w/ Anvil – info
Nov 17 – Bendigo Hotel – Melbourne, Australia w/ Silent Knight – info

Track Listing:
1. Eligos (0:29)
2. Burn (3:30)
3. Tears of Tragedy (4:05)
4. The Afterlife (5:13)
5. Impervious (4:48)
6. Cross This Path (3:26)
7. Sacrificed (4:11)
8. Hellbent on Chaos (3:54)
9. Created To Kill (6:29)
Album Length: 36:08

Album And Live Band Line Up:
Jimmy Benson – Vocals, Guitar
Nonda T. – Drums
Steve Montalto – Bass
Grant Burns – Guitar