On a recent Instagram post, Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler’s daughter and famous actress, Liv Tyler, celebrated Father’s Day of Todd Rundgren by sharing a rare picture of him.

As you might already know, Todd is the husband of her mother, Bebe Buell, and the step-father of Liv. Because of all these years loving Liv and Bebe without any expectations, Liv showed her gratefulness by celebrating his Father’s Day first.

Later on, Liv posted another picture on her page but this time, she celebrated Father’s Day of her biological father, Steven Tyler. She wrote a message to Steven and thanked to him for teaching the details of the world and making her a better person.

Here is what Liv Tyler wrote in the first place:

“Happy happy fathers day dear Todd Rundgren 💗💗💗 Thank you for loving us.”

Her mother, Bebe Buell added this comment:

“Oh sweetheart- that’s the sweetest message.”

Here is what Liv said about Steven Tyler:

“Happy happy fathers day to you papa in heaven and dad My favorite country boys 💗 thanks for teaching us all the details and secret bits of magic you can find if you look for them in the world. I’m forever looking… Love love love.”

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