Metallica performed the song “Confusion” on the new album at the recent Bejing, China concert. This is the first time this song has been played live. Professional shooting video was officially shared by Metallica. You can watch it from below.

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Metallica live in Bejing 2017 setlist

1. Hit the Lights
2. Atlas, Rise!
3. King Nothing
4. The Memory Remains (followed by Kirk’s solo)
5. The Unforgiven
6. Now That We’re Dead
7. Moth Into Flame
8. Harvester of Sorrow
9. Confusion (live debut) (followed by Rob’s solo)
10. Halo on Fire (preceded by a new clean intro by James)
11. Sad But True
12. Wherever I May Roam
13. For Whom the Bell Tolls (followed by Kirk’s second solo)
14. The Day That Never Comes
15. Creeping Death


16. One (with Lang Lang)
17. Nothing Else Matters
18. Enter Sandman