Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton spoke in an interview with Kerrang! and remembered how he record his solo collaboration song “Cross Off” with Chester Bennnigton.

Here’s the statement:

“I didn’t even know if I was on his radar at all, but through the channels, I reached out, and it turns out he was very respectful of my work with LAMB and that kind of thing. And, obviously, everyone in the world knows how good Chester is.”

He continued:

“Chester loved the song “Cross Off” in its initial form and we kind of went back and forth about doing it. And then we got in the same room and did it. But the great part of the experience — a lot of it was great, but one of the great parts of the experience — is that the template, the outline I had for the song when I presented it to Chester is different than what it became.

Because we really sat together over a table and just really hashed stuff out and kind of tore it apart and built it back up together. And that was, to me, one of the more memorable parts of that experience.”

On songwriting process of “Cross Off”, he said:

“We very quickly got into kind of a creative mode and very quickly were just two guys working on a song that we both really dug. So that felt very natural. In terms of what he was excited… I think he just genuinely really liked the song — I think that’s why he was there, ’cause he really liked that song.

And I happen to know he was very, very excited about the idea of screaming and doing something heavier than what he’s been doing lately. That meant a lot to him — he was very vocal about being excited about that.

Watch the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement. (Blabbermouth)