During a recent interview with Loudwire, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has shared a new story about Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

Interviewer asked:

“Cross Off” featuring Chester Bennington was recorded not too long before he passed. What aspects of that experience, of collaborating with Chester do you appreciate the most?

Mark responded:

“Working with Chester is something that I remember so fondly. I mean, I think the things that I mostly took away from was how genuine he was and how really creative and motivated he was about music in general and definitely this tune. He loved it. He really came in with no ego.

We instantly had a kind of creative trust between us which you can’t really prepare for —you can only hope for — and it was there right away and we just instantly started tearing the song down and putting it back together.

He had a lot of ideas. He was really excited about screaming on it and doing something heavy. There’s so much I can say but honestly he was just a really humble and compassionate and incredibly talented guy.

He talked about his family and we talked about our experience in the music business. He was just a good dude. I was really excited to work with him and talk to him.”

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