Press Release: Dewar PR

Virginia’s Lord have teamed up with The Obelisk to reveal “The Heart of a Hero”, from their forthcoming album “Blacklisted”.

Stream “The Heart of a Hero” here:

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About LORD

Lords is a band that isn’t afraid to explore the possibilities within heavy music. The band takes the heavy music of the last 50 years and combines it with melodic and progressive sensibilities in order to create something unique. By incorporating hints of genres such as thrash, hardcore punk, prog, death, and black metal, Lords have managed to establish a sound that is both aggressive and unique in a crowded heavy music scene.

Lyrically, Blacklisted focuses on the destruction of the Earth, those destroying it and what role each and every one of us plays in that picture.  Blacklisted also highlights figures both historical and modern that have made a positive impact on humanity.

Lord’s Line-up

Steven Kerchner-Vocals
Will Rivera-Guitar
Todd Wuehrmann-Guitar
Chris Dugay-Bass
Kevin Marimow-Drums