Some hours ago, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Rickey Medlocke shared a video on the band’s official Instagram account and reported that he has recovered from Covid-19. He thanked those who prayed for him and warned his fans about the severity of the virus, saying that the treatment is not a fun thing to go through.

As you may remember, Lynyrd Skynyrd had announced that they had to cancel their upcoming tour dates because their guitarist Ricky Medlocke tested positive for Covid-19 and was resting at home. The fans were upset at the cancellation of the shows, but they were more concerned with the guitarist’s health condition.

The 71-year-old guitarist gave his fans the good news that he is doing very well on his band’s Instagram account with a video. Medlocke shared a long message filled with expressions of gratitude and stated that he wasn’t aware that many people loved him and wanted him to get better. 

Here is how he thanked his fans in his recent Instagram post:

“Hey everybody, Rickey Medlocke here. The merciless Indian savage that I am. Yes sir. Here I am, round the corner. I’m back feeling good, and you know what, I feel very blessed and very fortunate to be sitting here today. I really do. I wanted to thank everyone across – all over America. Even over in Europe and South America. Even had some people down in Australia, New Zealand send me to get well wishes.

There were a lot of prayers that were put out there. I really appreciate that so very much you don’t have any idea. But I also wanted to thank the medical staff my doctor, and his staff was just incredible. Got me the attention and care that I needed right away.”

Medlocke did not only update their followers about his health status but also revealed that he will be on stage this weekend in New Jersey. The guitarist seemed very excited to ‘kick out those foot lights’ and said he is looking forward to having a good time.

Here is how he continued and revealed his return:

“But with all that said, the biggest thing is that I will be able to go and kick out the footlights this weekend in New Jersey, I’m gonna be there. First show back out so, in the meantime everybody once again, thank you so very much, it meant the world to me, I really appreciate it.

Really didn’t have any idea I was that liked. But anyway, thank you. Come see us and like I said I’m gonna kick out those footlights this week in New Jersey and have myself a very good time. Take care, god bless everybody, and you know what, really be safe and take care of yourself because it’s not fun. Okay, you had enough of me, take good care, bless you all.”

Lynyrd Skynyrd will tour the United States until November if the band doesn’t face any other unfortunate events. This tour was initially called ‘The Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour,’ and it was supposed to be the band’s last tour. However, with the cancellations and rescheduling due to the pandemic, the band changed the tour’s name to ‘Big Wheels Keep On Turnin’ Tour,’ which hinted that it might not be their final tour after all.