The co-founding member of Halestorm and frontwoman, Lzzy Hale, made a new interview with SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation Virtual Invasion‘ this week and talked about the latest status of the band’s new album.

You might remember that Halestorm released their fourth and last studio album named ‘Vicious’ which features twelve tracks including two additional tracks for Walmart Edition back in 2018, and they keep their silence since then.

While Halestorm is still recording the album since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, the fronting member Lzzy Hale admitted that they had to throw a lot of material out of the album. Lzzy also admitted that she’s in the most comfortable status of her whole life and she took to writing to communicate with herself.

Here is what Lzzy told in her interview:

“We’re actually kind of in the eleventh hour. Everything is starting to really congeal and just reveal itself. So we’re at the tail end of it. We already have a first single picked; that just happened. So you’re definitely going to be hearing music sooner than later. As far as the release date of the record, I don’t have that yet.

I think a lot of us [artists] were questioning, over the past year and change, about why am I still doing this? Who am I without touring? Who am I without all of the normal things that make my life normal? And we took, or at least I — I can’t speak for the guys — but I took writing when there was no real schedules, ’cause we didn’t know what was gonna open up, I took to writing to kind of have that be my escape, have that be my stage.

So what you’re going to hear on this record is a lot of that, a lot of me placing myself in this spot, in this communion of people that I feel most comfortable, and just surrounded by everyone that loves the same music that I do.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.