During a recent interview with Alternative Press, Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee and Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale talked about their upcoming tour and the difficulties of being women in the rock industry.

Evanescence released their fifth studio album, ‘The Bitter Truth,’ on March 26, 2021, after over a three-year gap. It is known that the album was supposed to be released before but it had to be postponed because of the pandemic. Amy Lee and her bandmates had opened up about their challenging experiences before and after the pandemic, which pushed them to make music.

Halestorm will also be releasing their new album in 2022, and they recently released a new single, ‘Back From The Dead,’ from the new album. Lzzy Hale had also reflected on the depressive feelings she experienced over the past few years and hoped that this new song will show their inner strength.

Lzzy Hale and Amy Lee first came together in 2012 while on tour with their bands, and they became close friends. The two occasionally shared the stage and collaborated in Halestorm’s ‘Break In’ and Evanescence’s ‘Use My Voice.’ Evanescence and Halestorm launched their tour on November 5 in Portland, Oregon, and will conclude it on December 18, after visiting several cities.

During the interview with Alternative Press, Amy Lee was asked about being a woman in the music industry and how she feels about it. She talked about the prejudice against women on their talents and intolerance against each other. Lee refuted this claim by stressing that she and Lzzy always support each other and need more women in the rock industry.

Here is how she responded:

“It does. We love supporting each other. Lzzy and I were talking about this recently, and I’m going to steal her answer a little bit. Just talking about it feels really good to blast the stereotype that women can’t support each other and get along. It’s just really untrue. We need each other. Every strong woman has a friend helping her get through it and process.

In the rock industry, obviously, there are fewer women than men. So we’re looking at that and going, ‘Hey, we want more of us. We support each other.’ The whole point really isn’t about women versus men. It’s about music is for everyone. Rock is supposed to be a place where you can be your real self and let it all hang loose. Don’t be ashamed of that! Be proud of exactly who you are, and if it’s different than the majority of the people standing around you, that’s cool!

I would say, No. 1, we’d like to support the other great musicians and people that work hard. That’s everybody involved in this. I don’t love Lzzy because she’s a girl. She’s awesome at what she does. Halestorm is great to work with.

Same thing with PLUSH. We haven’t worked together yet, but we’ve been in communication, and I’m so excited about them. We made a decision to lift up women to be openers for this tour just because I think it’s an awesome fit. It’s empowering to see people standing together in general.”

Lzzy Hale later also supported what Lee said and mentioned the difficulties of being a frontwoman in the industry.

Hale added after Lee:

“Like Amy said, we talk about this quite a bit. If you really want to dig into the girl thing, there’s a certain power that comes with the women who have literally crawled and snuck in the back door and been sticking it out, regardless of the sexism and the people that don’t even assume that we’re in a band because we’re girls. I know I got that a lot when I was growing up. I literally would be carrying my equipment into a club.”

Hale and Lee later talked about their latest works with their bands and their tours. They also highlighted that how music was a lifesaving occupation for both of them during the pandemic.