Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale talked about her mental health problems via her official Instagram account.

In January 2021, Halestorm announced that they are working on a new studio album, which will be a follow-up record to 2018’s ‘Vicius’ record, and they recently released a new single ‘Back From The Dead.’

As Halestorm released the lead single from the forthcoming album, Lzzy pointed out that this song actually represents the mental health problems that she has been facing for the last couple of years.

Before that, Lzzy shared many times what she has been dealing with about her mental health on social media. Especially with the self-quarantine days, we saw her expressing feelings to deal with anxiety and depression.

Yesterday, Lzzy had one of those moments where she needs to free her mind and talk about her mental health problems. In the caption, Lzzy admitted that she had moments in life where she didn’t recognize her own reflection in the mirror.

Furthermore, the 37-year-old singer stated that her mind is a house of mirrors, and she lost a bit of her sanity while trying to escape from it. However, she still keeps moving even though there is broken glass under her feet.

Lzzy then remembered to everybody that she does not bend or bow to the faces that stare back at her and said that she will carry her soul through the house of mirrors. In this way, she also showed how to pass the obstacles she faced.

Lzzy Hale reflected on her mental health problems:

I have moments in life where I don’t recognize my own reflection. My mind is a house of mirrors, and the only way out is through.

Maybe I’ve lost a bit of my sanity in the process, but nevertheless I keep moving, with the crunching of broken glass under my feet.

I will not bend or bow to the funny faces that stare back at me, I will not be fooled by the false hallways that lay before me. I will carry my soul high on my shoulders through this confusing place, and prepare to be reborn on the other side.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale – Instagram