Halestorm frontwoman who is considered as one of the most talented female stars of the era, Lzzy Hale, has posted a couple of new photos on her verified Instagram account today and shared one of her three writing stations in the upstairs of her own house.

You may already follow Lzzy up, she’s one of the most hardworking stars of the industry during the coronavirus outbreak. She has released numerous new songs and made many different streams and events even from her own house. Even in the first week of the month week, Desmond Child announced yet another project of Lzzy on his Instagram account.

Today, Lzzy has shared yet another post on her Instagram page and showed off the source of her creativity during the self-quarantine days. According to Lzzy, she has three different spots in her home to write music and recommended her followers to give themselves a sacred space to create something new.

Here are Lzzy Hale’s statements in the caption of her latest post:

“The muse is pulling at my hair again. This is my upstairs writing station. I have three writing stations in the house. Each with a different vibe, personality, and purpose. I think I love this one the most lately. Mornings are different than nights.

And it’s all about sitting down, strapping in, and being open to all of the surprises, happy accidents, and rabbit holes”

Lzzy Hale continued:

“As a songwriter, it’s important to have a room/corner/ place in your home where you Only go to be creative. A brilliant friend of mine gave me this advice when I was young, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Because when you give yourself a sacred space to create… And continually go there only to make your art… You are actually training your creative ‘response.’

In time, your body, and mind will automatically click into that creative mode when you sit down at your personal station. Thought I’d share! Keep warm and May Rock God’s smile upon thee this evening!”

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