The iconic frontwoman of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale shared a statement on Instagram to show her support for black people regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

The talented musician Lzzy Hale has been showing her support for the protests against racial discrimination and police violence since day one. Particularly on social media, Lzzy shared several statements and photos of the demonstrations to support the cause.

Recently, on her official Instagram account, Lzzy posted a picture of her open letter to her ‘Black brothers and sisters’ to show that she would continue to support them even if she wasn’t able to understand completely what they had been through.

Here’s the statement of Lzzy Hale addressing people of color:

“To my Black brothers and sisters, I will never truly understand your pain because I was born white.

But I’m outraged and heartbroken that you still have to endure this crushing weight that should’ve been lifted long long ago.

I stand in solidarity with you. I will continue to use my voice to spread the Spirit of Rock n Roll… love, equality, peace, empowerment, support, and understanding.

Black Lives Matter”

On the caption of her post, Lzzy also wrote about her feelings regarding the concept of ‘justice’:

“I want to start by saying that I do not have a degree in political science; nor am I an expert on social injustice.
But you don’t need to be an expert or have a master’s degree to know the difference between Right & Wrong and Good vs Evil.
This is something instilled in you when you learn empathy and compassion.
The notion that all Humans deserve to be treated as equals shouldn’t be an optional belief or a political opinion. It should be something we all practice as a fundamental trait of our species.
It should be a No Brainer.

Justice for ALL, not ‘For Some'”

You can see the statement Lzzy Hale posted on her Instagram account below.