GWAR recently announced on Instagram that their new album ‘The New Dark Ages’ came out, including guest singers like Lzzy Hale. Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale shared her excitement to be a part of GWAR’s album, a lifelong dream for her.

Since 1984, GWAR has released over ten studio albums and sold more than 800.000 records in the United States. The band impressed its fans by using science fiction elements as themes with a distinctive grotesque style.

After the fifteenth studio album, ‘The Blood of Gods,’ came out in 2017, the group released the most recent album entitled ‘The New Dark Ages‘ on June 3, 2022. Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale became a part of this album as a guest musician.

GWAR recently announced the release of ‘The New Dark Ages’ on their official Instagram. The band stated that they created an excellent album with a distinctive concept. They introduced their new album, combining technology and humanity, with great enthusiasm.

GWAR wrote:

“Humans, your world is in flames, and GWAR’s new album, ‘The New Dark Ages,’ tells the story of the Scumdogs having a party in the ashes. The greatest rock band in the history of this or any other planet has made the greatest record of all time.

These are the songs for a New Dark Age when men live by the dimming light of technology destined to betray them as they become more machine than human. Listen as we have a rock and roll orgy in the ruins of the world to celebrate humanity’s descent into an age of darkness, disease, ignorance, and death. The album is out now!

Lzzy Hale also shared her excitement about being a part of GWAR’s album for the song ‘The Cutter’ in her recent Instagram post. The frontwoman stated that she fulfilled her dream of being a guest singer on GWAR’s new album and that she was honored. Lzzy said that she was looking forward to performing this song live.

Lzzy Hale wrote in her words:

“I’m so honored to have been asked to guest on GWAR’s new album ‘The New Dark Ages’ on their song ‘The Cutter.’ This had been a lifelong dream of mine; thank you to the boys for having me! Can’t wait to do it live someday, covered in the blood of my enemies! Go check it out! ‘The Cutter.’ She don’t hurt herself; she hurts you!”

You can see the Instagram posts and listen to the album below.

Photo Credit: GWAR – Instagram
Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale – Instagram