Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale recently spoke about the pandemic in a new conversation with Guitar Magazine. She talked about their creative process during lockdowns and stated she saw different sides of herself during the outbreak.

The pandemic caused two years of confusion for almost everyone in the world. The beginning of the spreading of the virus scared people, and all musicians got stuck in their homes. Some used their time and focused on creativity to give their fans something to listen to during the lockdowns.

Like many other bands, Halestorm also started creating during the pandemic, but they didn’t release their tracks until this year. Their fifth studio album ‘Back From the Dead’ was released in May 2022. They started to work on the album before the pandemic, but in 2020, they had to cease their creative process for a while as they couldn’t gather their staff.

Lzzy Hale wrote nearly all the lyrics and subjected her experiences during the pandemic, such as self-discovery and mental health. She talked about this process in her recent interview. The musician said that she hid behind the rock star facade before, and the pandemic brought up another side of her. The band’s guitarist Joe also talked about this process in the interview and revealed their creative confusion during the time.

Here is what she stated:

“I got reintroduced to a lot of different sides of myself that I didn’t have to deal with because I could be Lzzy Hale, the rock star, all the time. You get to know some deep-seated issues with your family that you haven’t dealt with because you’re always hiding behind this rock-star facade. I’m looking at myself as not Lzzy Hale the rock star; I’m Elizabeth Hale sitting on the couch in her pajamas for three days straight.”

Joe’s statement follows:

“We needed a win. Lzzy and I came down here to the basement in February 2020 and started playing every day, writing and recording. Then we were like, ‘I think we should not see each other anymore.’ Nobody knew what was happening in the f*cking pandemic: ‘How’s it spreading?’ ‘I don’t know!'”

You can listen to ‘Back from the Dead’ below.

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