Halestorm’s iconic frontwoman Lzzy Hale recently spoke about her past and how she tipped into the world of rock and roll. She further explained a pivotal moment in her life that helped her shape her successful career.

Lzzy Hale has been proudly shaking the world of rock and roll by being one of its well-known female representatives. She established a successful career with her band Halestorm, and their venture together has given the music world five studio albums so far.

Even though they were formed in 1997, the band’s works are enough to make fans sure their legacy will live forever. When going back to the beginning of their formation, Hale was only 14 years old when she ventured into the music world. She had made her decision while she was very young and had no regrets about it looking back.

Recently, Hale spoke about what influenced her decision to become a rock star. She said that her parents listened to classic rock, including Alice Cooper and Dio. She was aware that her music taste was different from people her age.

A pivotal moment that helped shape her career was when she realized that she was different from other girls, but her music taste came from a real place instead of following the trends. While others listened to radio music for fun, Hale made her music her personality.

Here is what Hale said about her pivotal moment:

“I grew up on a lot of classic rock thanks to my parents, so when I was eleven through eighteen, I was listening to Dio, Alice Cooper, and all of that. That was when I first discovered I was different from the other girls my age because I was trying to introduce them to this music, and they were having none of it!”

The interviewer wondered:

“Was that a pivotal moment for you?”

Hale answered:

“I think it was a pivotal moment in my life. But my childhood naiveté was helpful because I had no idea that it wasn’t cool. I had the best talks with my dad, who was overjoyed I was discovering that I was different. I would have those conversations with him, you know. They don’t like my music, and they don’t understand that I want to be in a band.

But he told me that was good because most of them will like their music just because it’s on the radio or because their friends like it. But I loved my music because it was truly a part of me. That act of defiance became my superpower in middle school. I didn’t care if nobody else liked my music. Because I liked it, and that was enough.”

The singer started showing signs of minor anarchy and rebellion when she was only in middle school. She liked what nobody did and was happy with being different. Thanks to the point her career came to today, her fans regard Lzzy Hale as an inspiration to be who they are.

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