Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale recently shared a series of tweets as a reaction to some fans’ comments criticizing her close friend Amy Lee.

Lzzy Hale and Amy Lee had a chance to get to know each other better when they first toured together in 2012. They have developed a close friendship ever since, and the two provide full support to each other during their musical journeys. They have collaborated in the studio by appearing on several Halestorm and Evanescence songs.

Their collaboration is not limited to studio recordings, as they have been carrying on touring since 2012. In November 2021, the two influential female singers teamed up for a tour to promote the new stuff they produced during the pandemic. They started the tour with an impressive duet of Linkin Park’s ‘Heavy’ on November 5, 2021. The tour has been going on, and it will end on December 18.

It is no secret that male musicians dominate the rock music industry, and thus, these two women’s support for each other is applauded by their fans and fellow musicians. Therefore, it is not surprising to see them sticking up for each other on social media as well.

The recent debate on Twitter was sparked by Lzzy Hale’s harsh response to a fan on Instagram after they called Amy Lee ‘boring.’ Another fan shared the screenshot of her response on Twitter and said she loved the way Hale responded. Lzzy Hale had used insulting language in her reaction, so a fan on Twitter said that it is hard to believe that Hale responded in such a manner.

Following that, Hale said that she is sick of these types of comments and is here to support her longtime friend. Lzzy also responded to another user who mentioned the body-shaming comments, and she said that she is happy with her body and doesn’t care about the offensive comments she receives.

An Instagram user said the following:

“Amy Lee is boring.”

To which Lzzy replied:

“F*ck you.’

A fan shared a tweet as a response:

“That does not sound like a Lzzy response. I have never seen her type that responds to anyone. Not even to the guy that said Amy needs to lose weight. Are we sure she hasn’t been hacked? Lol. “

And Hale responded:

No that was me. I owe nothing to people that act like that. He didn’t need to post anything at all… Everyone here knows we are friends and fiercely support each other. I’m so sick of these petty comments. Just be happy to be at a concert again, damn it.”

Another fan commented:

“I had someone comment on my weight at a recent gig. It’s f*cking soul-destroying, so I can’t imagine when it’s on a massive scale with hundreds of thousands of faceless people on socials. Good for you, Lzzy. Women sticking up for women is something we need more of!”

Then Lzzy reacted:

“Some people have gotten on my ass (no pun intended) for that too. Am I as skinny as I was ten years ago? No. But I like my squish.”

You can find Lzzy Hale’s tweets below.