Upon seeing Justin Hawkins’ analysis on his official YouTube channel, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale shared a tweet. The singer thanked Hawkins for his positive analysis and invited him to a show.

Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale’s vocals paved the way for the singer to be one of the greatest female vocalists. Hale never disappointed her fans in her singing during her career with Halestorm. She grabs attention with her energy and distortion to put out the perfect performance for herself.

Hence, it was about time for Justin Hawkins to analyze Hale on his popular YouTube channel. Although Hawkins has established a musical career, he is currently a YouTuber watching musicians’ performances and commenting on their style, music, and vocals. He talked about Lzzy Hale recently, and his comments were very positive.

He titled the video ‘I Have To Say, I Really Enjoyed This!’ as he analyzed Lzzy Hale’s vocals. He listened to Halestorm’s recent single, ‘The Steeple’ from the album ‘Back From the Dead.’ He talked about the power in Hale’s voice and then promoted the video on his Twitter account. Hale replied to his tweet and invited him to come to one of their shows and listen to the other single, ‘Back From the Dead.’

Here is what Hawkins tweeted:

“I enjoyed this! In today’s video, I have a look at one of Halestorm’s new tracks. There are some interesting musical choices in the writing and, of course, Lzzy Hale’s incredible vocal. Let me know what you think!”

After seeing the video and the tweet, Hale replied:

“Thank you so much, Justin. That means the world, coming from you! If you ever want to come out to a live show, we will roll out the black panda metal carpet for you! Ha! And if you like to see my ‘war cry’ mouth, check out the video for our single ‘Back From the Dead.'”

You can see the tweets and watch Hawkins’ video below.