Photo: Youtube

Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, who is one of the most supportive people in our community, has responded to a fan message on Twitter and advised the fan by sharing some personal info about her mental health problems.

On Twitter, a fan named Lyndsey has shared the current status of her mental health and seemingly wanted to show support and help from Halestorm frontwoman. As usual, Lzzy didn’t be quiet about her fans’ problem and showed her support by saying that she has crazy anxiety and depression episodes too.

Lyndsey wrote:

“I have a panic disorder, but I can talk myself out of every attack (eventually). I don’t let it bum me out. I’m still happy and appreciative of every day.”

After a while, Lzzy has replied by saying:

“I have crazy anxiety and depression episodes… Music helps me immensely. Just know you are not alone.”

Another fan named Jota sent a message to Lzzy by using Twitter and opened up about her struggles with sexual identity. She said:

“I’ve been dealing with my sexuality for several years, and now I’m more comfortable, not super happy…yet. My mind is still a mess, but I am getting better at it. If I can win this battle, I’ll be happier and joyful. And I probably can inspire someone else.”

Lzzy honestly responded to her and wrote:

“But … I will say that not labeling yourself has helped me. Yes, I identify on some scale of the vast spectrum of sexuality as Bi. It is my own personal journey that no one can take from me. And that gives me power over hate.”

You can see the original Twitter posts below.