Lzzy Hale, the co-founder and the frontwoman of Halestorm, has admitted that she is writing the best songs she ever has and explained how hard she works for the upcoming songs together with the rest of the band.

As you know, Halestorm has been working on their brand new EP ‘Reimagined‘ for a while now. The talented lead singer of the band, Lzzy, has frequently shared the production process of their EP on Instagram. After an intense period, the band released the ‘Reimagined’, which includes 6 songs, one of them is a collaboration with Amy Lee.

Lately, Hale showed that the hard work has not been finished yet and more amazing songs are on the way. On a recent Instagram post, Lzzy revealed that she is pushing the limits and writing the best songs she ever has. She said that she can’t wait for all of their fans to hear these new tunes she and her bandmates have been cooking up.

Lzzy Hale admitted the fact that she is her own worst critic and, therefore, it is so important for her to like her own works. Hale said that she reached a point in which she proud of a little piece of music she created through these songs. Lzzy ended up her words by promising to pour her heart into everything that she does and be her truest self.

Here is what Lzzy Hale said in her recent Instagram post:

“Write… Redraft… Write… OK… There’s something special… Follow it… Finish it! I can’t wait for all of you to hear these new tunes myself and the boys have been cooking up. If you are your own worst critic… like I am… you know how good it feels to be so proud of a little piece of music, to chase down in mid-air something that excites you and turn your thoughts into life.

I feel like I’m writing the best songs I ever have… and have already succeeded in besting our last album. So I will continue to pour my heart into everything that I do… and be my truest self. Love and miss you all!

You can see the post below.