The frontwoman of Halestorm and also the founder of the band, Lzzy Hale, has shared a new photo on her verified Instagram account today and recalled the memoir she had in Amsterdam as well as what she feels about the pre-coronavirus days.

As you might already remember from her earlier posts, Lzzy is one of the most active social media users of our community and shares what she feels day by day. In her latest post, she talked about her trip to Germany, having a threesome in Amsterdam as well as her eagerness to rock out with the crowd when the quarantine is over.

After sharing the post, over 10K people liked the post including her long-time photographer Judy Whon. She also admitted that she was one of the guests of the threesome Lzzy had back in Amsterdam with her comment.

Here is what Lzzy wrote:

“This photo was taken during our last tour outside the USA. Our freaks across the pond and over borders still believe in rock n roll as a lifestyle. It always amazes me every trip we take over there how much it is ingrained in their culture. Young hip kids rocking leather jackets … beautiful girls who while donning Ac/Dc shirts…

Actually know the lyrics to the songs. It was in the UK over a decade ago when we got our first experience of pandemonium when a horde rushed our Merch table, and we were asked by security to not go out into public for the duration of the night. It was in South America where the crowd took it upon themselves to put on a show for US, throwing balloons during ‘Here’s to Us,’ holding up signs during ‘I miss the misery’ and ‘Freak Like Me.'”

She continued:

“It was in Germany that A crowd sang me happy birthday inbetween every single song in our set! It was in Holland that I had the threesome that inspired ‘Do Not Disturb.’ Too many memories for one post. But I thank all of you who contributed to these memories existing. I can’t wait to rock out with you all again.

In the meantime check out our cover of The Who’s ‘Long Live Rock’ (link in bio) off the soundtrack for the upcoming film of the same name. Let us celebrate Rock. As long as we are here… it will never die!!”

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