Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale shared the advice she learned from Ronnie James Dio during an interview with Planet Rock’s Liz Barnes. The musician emphasized that she valued Dio’s words of advice which she heard the first time they met.

As one of the most influential heavy metal singers, Ronnie James Dio is still regarded as a significant figure in rock music, after more than ten years since his death. The music industry mourned his passing on May 16, 2010. Many people who met him personally remember the rocker as a great singer and a lovely guy.

Like many other musicians, Lzzy Hale also looks up to many musicians before her, from Black Sabbath to Alice Cooper. She is also one of the countless musicians who Ronnie James Dio inspired. In a previous interview with Revolver, she shared her personal opinion that he is the most outstanding metal vocalist of all time.

Recently, Lzzy Hale gave an interview to Planet Rock during which she shared how Ronnie James Dio inspired her not only musically but also personally. She pointed out that he was an approachable and humble man who cared about people’s feelings, including his fans. She recalled the first time she met him during Heaven & Hell’s final tour and shared his advice worth practicing.

Hale’s statement about Dio follows:

“So we watched him sign everything for every fan out by the buses. He took every picture. And then he still came back to say goodbye. And I remember telling him, ‘We would have totally understood if you’re tired; it’s like two in the morning, you didn’t have to bend over backward for us.’

And he basically told me: ‘Lizzie, it’s a moment in time. You’re never going to remember all the venues that you play or all the people that you meet, but they’re going to remember meeting you for the rest of their life. So you’ve got to make it good for everybody.‘ I was like: ‘Yes, sir!’

So I’ve taken that advice and kind of put that into my own manifesto, so to speak, in my own mission statement, to be doing that for our fans. And then, beyond that, even after he passed, I got to meet so many people that had very similar stories of him being just the sweetest man. And we always went above and beyond just to make somebody smile and make somebody happy. So we were very lucky to have that moment in time with him.”

You can listen to Hale’s interview below.