Halestorm’s iconic frontwoman and considered as one of the most talented guitarists of the new era, Lzzy Hale, has made a quick ‘Question & Answer’ session named ‘#AskLzzyAnything’ on her official Twitter account to satisfy fans’ curiosities.

You will check out some of the questions we compile for you, Lzzy answered lots of questions from what’s the best thing to do when she hits a wall while writing to the people who attend concerts despite COVID-19.

She also exposed what her fate would be if she decided not to make music somehow. Lzzy confessed that she would be dead already, possibly because of the dangerous and harmful things she would be dragged.

A Twitter user named R&MMF asked:

“What do you think of those people who attended a concert recently (completely disregarding all measures helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19)?”

Lzzy Hale wrote this as an answer:


Another Lzzy Hale fan named Tosh DellaPenna asked this:

“What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?”

Lzzy Hale responded:

I’d be dead at this point.”

You can check out the tweets and the responses of Lzzy Hale below.