Halestorm frontwoman and co-founder, Lzzy Hale, posted a couple of new photos on her verified Instagram page today to promote the release of the new album named Slothrust named ‘Parallel Timeline.’

As you may already know, the upcoming album of the band will be the fifth studio recording of Slothrust. According to the leader of the band Leah Wellbaum, she pushed herself to try and understand her own spirituality on a deeper level. The album will feature a collaboration track named ‘The Next Curse’ with Lzzy Hale and according to the caption of the post she shared, Leah is her spirit animal.

After sharing the post, over 3K followers of Lzzy liked the post including her bandmate Joe Hottinger. While one of Lzzy’s followers stated that the album cover looks like an old Lisa Frank notebook from the 90s, Lzzy responded to the comment by saying, ‘Totally!’

Here is what Lzzy wrote in the caption of the post:

“Who’s pre-added/saved ordered the new Slothrust album featuring yours truly! Leah Wellbaum is my spirit animal.”

You can check out the photo she shared below.

Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale – Instagram