Halestorm’s frontwoman Lzzy Hale recently posted a couple of photos on her Instagram account and shared some sneak peeks from the project that she’s been working on with one of her ‘idols’ Alice Cooper and revealed that they put on the same outfit by mistake one day.

As you may know, some months ago, Lzzy Hale and Alice Cooper were asked to join the panel of judges at Hit Parader’s No Cover show. The No Cover show is similar to American Idol, but the participants need to perform metal songs, and instead of covers they have to bring their original songs.

Lately, Lzzy Hale has been posting some photos from the shooting of No Cover, and as it turns out, one day she and Alice Cooper put on the same jacket which they both bought from Japan, and eventually one of them had to change. Lzzy shared this funny incident on her Instagram account and advised her fans to stay tuned and see how that turned out.

Just some hours ago, she posted a couple more photos from ‘behind the scenes’ and showed off her sexy outfit. In the caption, she said that she’s having a lot of fun ‘being a judge on this show, discovering new music, and giving advice to young bands.’ Both her posts got hundreds of comments in which fans expressed their excitement about watching a talent show specially made for metalheads.

Here’s what Lzzy Hale said in the caption of her first post:

“Oops! What are the chances that I buy the same jacket in Japan as one of my idols and we both show up on day 4 of No Cover wearing the same thing! SOMEONE has to change! Find out soon! Haa! Thank you to Kyler Clark for capturing the moment!”

This is what she wrote in the caption of her next one:

“BEHIND 🍑 the scenes for Hit Parader’s No Cover. I’m having so much fun being a judge on this show, discovering new music, and giving advice to young bands from all over! Oh… and the outfits are stellar too! Photo by Joe Hottinger.”

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