Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale tried to answer some of her fans’ questions through her Twitter account and reflected on the meaning of the song they performed with Amy Lee.

It is known that Lzzy Hale and Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee have a close relationship, and the two influential female singers are praised for supporting each other in the primarily male music industry. They even launched a U.S. tour together on November 5, 2021. On the opening night of the tour, the two frontwomen took to the stage and performed a duet together. They covered the Linkin Park hit, ‘Heavy,’ with a powerful performance.

The two strong voices mention at every opportunity that they love touring together and supporting each other during their musical journeys. The Linkin Park song is not the only one they have dueted. On August 6, 2020, Halestorm released the new version of ‘Break In,’ which was first released in 2012. This time the song also featured Amy Lee, and their powerful collaboration received drew great attention from their fans.

The fans were also wondering whether there is any hidden meaning behind the song, ‘Break In.’ Lzzy Hale had stated before that the song is about somebody special in her life, but singing it with Amy Lee has totally changed its meaning for her.

When a fan asked about the song, Hale said it has stopped being a love song but has become a reminder of all the people who support her. When they are singing ‘Break In’ with Amy Lee, Lzzy Hale said she feels the support they always give to each other.

A fan asked:

“Is there any hidden meaning or story behind ‘Break In’? Absolutely my husband and I’s favorite song. We belted it in Vegas and will be belting it in Tampa next week with you.”

And Lzzy Hale responded:

“It started out as a love song. But now, with Amy, it’s more like a tribute to those around me who support me. We have each other’s back.”

You can see the tweets and listen to ‘Break In’ below.