Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale announced in her recent Instagram post that the band’s long-awaited new album, ‘Back From The Dead,’ will be out very soon. She also announced that they released a new single from the upcoming album.

As you probably know, Halestorm has been working on the final details of their fifth studio album nowadays. They will be back with new music after four years of break, and the fans are really excited about it. The first song of the new album, named ‘Back From The Dead,’ was released on August 17, 2021. After the song’s release, Halestorm revealed that they would drop the new album in 2022 but hadn’t given an exact date yet.

Lzzy Hale shared her feelings about the upcoming album several times by highlighting that she can’t wait for it because she is extremely excited. Hale also stated that they had dual producers for the first time in the new album, and they are very satisfied with the results. Later on, she again took her Instagram account and shared a series of photographs taken while listening to the final mixes of the album. Lzzy explained that she is impatient to release it as she thinks the fans will be totally mesmerized by it.

In her recent Instagram post, Lzzy Hale finally announced the new album’s release date and said that ‘Back From The Dead’ will drop on May 6, 2022. Hale also said that the second single of the album, called ‘The Steeple,’ is also out now and hoped their fans will enjoy it.

The frontwoman also shared the inspiration behind the new song and said that it is about what music means to her. She revealed that when there were no live shows during the lockdown, she had a lot of time to think about the place of music in her life. She recalled what is really important about music with this song and hopes that it will also remind the power of music to the listeners.

Here is how Lzzy Hale revealed the inspiration behind the new song:

“‘It stopped raining in my head today…’ ‘The Steeple’ is a true reflection of what music means to me. During our time in purgatory, faced with an unknown future. I had to rediscover why I still loved music, why there was a hole without live shows, that could not be filled with anything else. Through writing this song, I found myself again and was reminded of what is really important.

This music is our life source, our survival tool, our communion, our sanctuary, and our identity. I invite you to scream this anthem with me and get transported back to the first time you were struck by the power of music. Redemption’s here at last, back where it all began, in the place where god and the devil shake hands.”

You can listen to Halestorm’s new song, ‘The Steeple,’ below.