Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale recently posted a photo from her dinner date with her partner Joe Hottinger on her Instagram account and revealed why they had to celebrate Valentine’s Day one night earlier.

As you probably know, Lzzy Hale often enjoys using her Instagram account to express her views on social and political matters, to announce her upcoming projects, to share sneak peeks from her life, and of course, interact with her fans. With her recent Instagram post, she revealed her Valentine’s Day plans answered a fan’s question about her partner.

In her recent Instagram post, Lzzy Hale said that her partner and she had to move Valentine’s day to a day earlier as they have a lot to do on Sunday. Hale said that the donut and brewed beer combo is one of her favorite things and thanked her partner for knowing her whole heart.’

As she didn’t mention any names in her Instagram post, some fans were asking who her partner is. A fan said that she has been with Joe Hottinger, Halestorm’s guitarist, for a few years on and off. At this point, Lzzy Hale chimed in and said that they have never been on and off and added that they are together for ‘18 years common law.’

Here’s what Lzzy Hale said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“This is how we do V-Day. A night early cuz we got a shit ton to do tomorrow… Sealing the deal with a donut/beer pairing exclusively via the partnership of Yazoo Brewing Company and Donut Distillery local favs of Nashville! P.S. thank you, babe… you know my whole heart and how to melt it. Xo”

This is what a fan asked:

“Who your babe? Do tell!”

Another fan replied by saying:

“Joe Hottinger, the guitarist for Halestorm, for a few years on and off I think.”

To which Lzzy Hale responded:

“Never been on and off. Thats a miss quote from years back. 18 years common law. We roll by our own 🎲”

Click here to check out the photo that Lzzy Hale posted on her Instagram account.