Halestorm’s beautiful frontwoman Lzzy Hale posted a recent photo today and celebrated the 37th birthday of her beloved brother and the other member of the Halestorm, Josh Smith.

As Lzzy spreads lots of heartwarming words to Josh, she also admitted that there would not be any band named Halestorm without him, one of the users who liked the post was Megadeth’s legendary star, David Ellefson.

You can read the statements of Lzzy below.

“It’s a few hours late, I just realized I hadn’t posted anything today… Ahhhh! But, Happy Cinco de Josh0! Happy birthday To my brother and bandmate Josh Smith! We wouldn’t be HALESTORM without you, and you’ve been such a positive force during this pandemic!

As Arejay Hale declared last month, in these corona times… You get to stay a year younger. It’s your Unbirthday! So maybe I’ll finally pass you in age officially by the time this blows over! I miss our jams! Mmm jam… All the love and jelly donuts to you! Photo by Joe Hottinger.”

An Instagram user and Lzzy follower named iaravila commented on the post:

“Happy Birthday to this killing bassman!!♥️💕🔥”

Here is the heartwarming image of the couple: