Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows spoke to Loudwire to share important details about the band’s upcoming studio album. The frontman also explained the reason why they didn’t start their world tour yet.

Avenged Sevenfold released their latest studio album entitled ‘The Stage’ on October 28, 2016, and it was also their new drummer Brooks Wackerman’s first record following Arin Ilejay’s departure. The record was defined as the band’s first concept album due to the themes of artificial intelligence and the self-destruction of society.

Since then, the band’s fans have been waiting for the past five years and started to get more and more curious about the new Avenged Sevenfold album. Eventually, the band members stated that they started to work on new material without giving any specific details about them.

During his interview, M. Shadows said that they plan to finish their upcoming record in January, and he thinks that it’s not possible to start a world tour without any preparation, especially in the global pandemic.

Shadows highlighted that they don’t want to disappoint their fans with the same records and stage set so they will be busy with creating new settings and works for their fans.

Shadows shared his ideas saying:

“It seems to be coming back and it’s not that we don’t want to. It’s just that we have to be very careful about getting everything going, building a whole new stage set, hiring everybody, renting buses, and then having one person get sick and the tour gets canceled and we get to be on the hook for everything.

It’s not that we don’t want to do it and people compare us with the bands that are going and playing clubs. It’s not the same thing as getting an arena tour going, and playing these festivals. Also, we want to be mentally ready and these are all going to sound like crazy excuses but these are real.”

He added:

We have a huge stage that we want to build, we can’t get people to work, get the supplies we need to build it which there’s a supply chain problem as well. Look at the long beach, these boats are stuck out there. So, we have all these things going on where we’re not going to come back on the stage and have the stage. Then just go ‘Well, same show four years later, sorry.’

Sorry guys records aren’t done because you couldn’t finish it so I would just say starting in January, we are going to put our nose to the grind, and finish this record, then we’re doing a couple of shows in Europe.

Then, I would want to and I don’t wanna step on Danny Wimmer’s toast but I would like to start after Shock Festival and book a tour out from there. So, we are going to be doing stuff but it’s just kind of making sure we’re mentally there and we put our best foot forward when we do come out. Make sure that it’s all good.”

You can check out the interview below.