Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows recently made an appearance on Rock Feed for an interview. During the conversation, he recalled the offer he once made to his bandmates, and they laughed at him.

Back in November 2021, Avenged Sevenfold announced their Deathbats Club project. This new endeavor aimed to bring their fans together by buying tokens, becoming club members and staying connected with the band.

So, with Deathbats Club, which is only available for 10,000 members, Avenged Sevenfold also entered the cryptocurrency world. The band stated in a video that NFTs will work as entrance tickets to the club and will provide exclusive content for the fans.

During the interview on Rock Feed, M. Shadows talked about the time he got into the cryptocurrency business. He then touched upon NFTs and Deathbats club. According to the musician, he once told his bandmates they should accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for tickets, but they laughed him off.

Following that, M. Shadows revealed they now accept cryptocurrency and want to fractionalize their royalties to the members of Deathbats Club. He then claimed fans will only pay 9.99$ a month, and the band will take 80% for themselves and fractionalize the rest for the 10,000 members of the club.

Talking about NFTs and cryptocurrencies, M. Shadows told Rock Feed the following:

“I got into cryptocurrency in 2015, and I bought Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now it seems like such a long time ago. But for seven years, I was just holding on to that stuff and just following it all, but behind the scenes, there’s really nothing to do with it in terms of the band.

I remember going to Live Nation and Bravado and saying, ‘You know, we should be accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum,’ and they kind of laughed me off. At the time, I was telling the band ‘We got to go independent because then we can make these decisions ourselves.’ So, you know, we ended up not using a merch company anymore.

We do it ourselves. We accept cryptocurrency. We have one record left on our Warner Bros. deal, and the end game that we see for this -and this is going to be like when I talk to music people and they gloss over because they think it’s all bullsh*t- is that we want to fractionalize our royalties to our holders of Deathbats Club.”

He went on to say:

“So, instead of going ‘Wow!,’ instead of ‘You can’t do that on Patreon, no,’ and instead of ‘80% of this is going to third party services,’ if we had Jack or somebody that takes title or we have Blau who’s got an audience, and you started streaming from there, everybody still gets to listen to the same way they used to.

They pay 9.99$ a month, but those royalties, which are all on chain, we can watch them, trickle down to the people who have put in the work and put in what we would consider governance over the Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbats Club.

So, what we would do is take 80% for ourselves, take 20%, fractionalize it out to those 10,000 people, and now holding a Deathbats Club, you’re actually getting paid the bigger the band gets. So, there are all these little things.”

You can watch the full interview below.