One of the most famous rappers of the era Machine Gun Kelly was the latest interview guest of ‘Rock This With Allison Hagendorf’ and detailed his point of view on rock musicians while sharing his admiration for Nirvana’s late star Kurt Cobain.

Machine Gun Kelly is well-known as a talented rapper and also as the actor who played Tommy Lee in The Dirt, he’s also a die-hard rocker since he was a child. While talking to Allison Hagendorf, Machine Gun Kelly stated that the music industry needs yet another rock star with Kurt Cobain’s attitude.

Additionally, the talented young musician criticized the rock musicians of the era for being too ‘politically correct’ to be real rock stars. He implied that he was trying not to be like them and to be more like late icon Kurt Cobain, who didn’t care about any other people’s opinion on his music or his personality.

MGK said that the rock music industry needs new faces who can easily say ‘F*ck you‘ to the whole system and he’s eager to see something like that for years. He also shared that whenever he feels like that, he’s watching Kurt’s interviews to feel that vibe again, and again.

Here is what he said:

“The sheer disappointment of being like 23 and going to the Sunset Strip and being like, ‘This isn’t what was happening in those books at all! And then being like, ‘It’s the restart button, we gotta do it.

The state of rock ‘n’ roll depends on rock stars. We need to have a face, multiple faces, and attitude again. If I fucking have to deal with politically-correct rock stars for another decade, I’m gonna… I can’t.

I gotta see some ‘fuck you.’ I have to see some ‘fuck you,’ It’s like, the last decade when I would go to shows, and you’re like, ‘Yo, you guys sound cool, but why can’t I hear you fuck up? Why can’t I hear your guitars squeal, why do you not play bad notes? Are you even playing, are you plugged in?”

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