Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn wrote an open letter for his 14-year-old self. On that letter, he has revealed an amazing moment with James Hetfield and Metallica.

Here’s the story:

“You won’t believe this. After releasing your sixth album, ‘The Blackening,’ you’ll tour with Metallica and James Hetfield will ask to play one of your songs! You will be warming up in the dressing room, where there’s a little electronic drumkit that your drummer, Dave McClain, uses to warm up. James will come in and jump on the drumkit.

He will ask if you know any Metallica, and you will jam a few songs. Then your bandmates will come in, and you’ll jam a few Iron Maiden songs. Then he’ll say, ‘Let’s play ‘Aesthetics of Hate’,’ and he’s on the drums! Next thing you know, it’ll be like: ‘Hey, James wants to play ‘Aesthetics of Hate with you onstage!’ It will be amazing.

On how Metallica was influenced him, he wrote:

Metallica are a huge reason you start playing, and you’ll see them opening for Raven in front of 250 people. As a teenager from the Bay Area, you’ll never believe it, but you’ll support them one day.”

He continued:

“In your early 20s, you’ll still love playing music and want to make it. But when your band Vio-Lence is ending, you’ll start selling drugs to make money – and you’ll be good at it. You won’t get high on your own supply. Even though you’re addicted to it, the logic will come over you that if you’re gonna sell it, you shouldn’t do it.

You won’t be in a street gang, but you’ll be out of your mind on the streets. Cops will bust everybody, but you’ll miss them by five minutes. You’ll go to Slayer shows and make $2,000 selling speed – it’ll be like the jackpot at Slayer shows. Listen: in a few years you’ll be supporting them, and it’ll be the first time you’ve ever left America.

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