During a rencet interview with Liquid Metal, Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel has shared the things that bothering him about the metal community.

On how he wasn’t allowed to do press anymore, Phil said:

“There was a point where we were taking liberties and still doing [interviews]. It got to be where the talks that came along with it, it was unbearable.

It was just like, ‘Man, I’m punching the clock here. I’m gonna show up. What songs do you wanna play? Okay. Cool. We’re gonna play the songs. When are the dates? Okay. Cool.’ For the last cycle, it was the paycheck. That was my living. I didn’t like my job anymore.”

He continued:

“We weren’t doing festivals anymore. We weren’t playing with other bands anymore. It was three hours of us, and it was close to four years of just us living in this bubble. And you can’t talk to anybody.

I wasn’t allowed to do press towards the end; it was only Robb being able to talk. And you start living in this bubble with the same 11 people. I’m extremely claustrophobic. But then you’re living in a vacuum. And you kind of forget about it…

You look outside the bubble and you go, ‘Oh my god! What was I dealing with?’ ‘Cause you’re in the bubble, but once you step outside it and you look at everything that was going on and everything you were taking, and it’s for money. And then you just can’t put a price on that.”

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