American metal band Machine Head is preparing to release a new album. The new album “Catharsis” will be released on January 26, 2018.

One of the songs on the album was released on Youtube. You can listen to the track called “Beyond The Pale” from below.

Track Listing of Album

1. Volatile
2. Catharsis
3. Beyond the Pale
4. California Bleeding
5. Triple Beam
6. Kaleidoscope
7. Bastards
8. Hope Begets Hope
9. Screaming at the Sun
10. Behind a Mask
11. Heavy Lies the Crown
12. Psychotic
13. Grind You Down
14. Razorblade Smile
15. Eulogy

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn commented:

“It’s the second song that we wrote for the record. It was just a simple four-minute song that we were, like, ‘Fuck, cool!’ It came together really fast.

Lyrically, it took me a while to get how I wanted to shape it. That was the one song on the record where I couldn’t get a theme for the song, like a lyrical theme.

I went through seven different choruses, seven different subjects, seven completely different sets of lyrics. When it finally came to this last one, that’s when I knew it was it.”

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