The 2009 version of John Lennon’s biopic about his teenage years is developing as a stage musical by Briand and Dayna Lee of AF Creative Media.

Dayna Lee had a recent conversation with The Deadline and revealed that the movie will incorporate era’s classic musicians with African-Americans and how John Lennon inspired of them.

Here is what The Dees told about the biopic:

“We are targeting a U.K. premiere for “Nowhere Boy“ in the next few years. At this point, we have no immediate plans to seek additional life or music rights.

Yoko Ono (John Lennon’s wife) is aware of the project but has no involvement.

We’ve just secured the rights of the film. and as a team we’ll be traveling to London this summer, trying to figure out the right person to bring this narrative to life.”

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The Beatles bassist Paul McCartney had a recent interview with 60 Minutes. McCartney talked about the competitive edge between them, and revealed the only song that John Lennon liked: “Here, There, and Everywhere.”

Here is what Paul McCartney said:

“He’d write ‘Strawberry Fields,’ I’d go away and write ‘Penny Lane’ … to compete with each other. But it was a very friendly competition.

I remembered the time John paid me a compliment quite well. It was way back during the sessions for 1966’s Revolver, and it came after a take of “Here, There, and Everywhere.”

Right when it finished, John said, ‘That’s a really good song, lad. I love that song I remember [the moment of John’s compliment] to this day. It’s pathetic, really.

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