Fatherly has shared a new article about The Beatles members, singer John Lennon and bassist Paul McCartney, yesterday. The article shows the differences between Lennon and McCartney.

According to the article written by author Brayn Britt, here are the some major differences between two members of The Beatles. He wrote:

“I could write thousands of words debating the various reasons why these characterizations are or are not true.

But it mostly comes down to the fact that John Lennon’s solo career is mostly political stuff like “Imagine” and Paul’s solo career is mostly “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Band on the Run.” In the 1970s and 1980s, Paul tried to write crowd-pleasing rock music while John did weird art with Yoko and a shitload of drugs with Harry Nilsson.

Now, obviously, its nuts to say John only wrote weird rock music and Paul only wrote silly love songs, because there are obvious examples to the contrary.”

He continued:

“And yet, the characterization persists: John is a hardass and Paul is a softy. I gravitated towards John. You see where this is going.

But here’s a twist before we get to the inevitable reveal: I think I was right. Sure, Paul wrote “Helter Skelter,” but John was more of a kooky leftwing artist. And, sure, they were both brilliant. But Paul wanted to make people happy in a way that John didn’t, which is why I’m a Paul guy now and why my daughter will grow up in a Paul household.”

He also wrote:

“The thing is, in terms of two guys in a rock band, having one upbeat dude and one cynical dude is great. But, being married and having a child is not like being in a rock band. Outside of the Beatles, Paul McCartney’s music, is, for the most part, full-on, unfiltered happiness.”

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