One of the rarest interviews of AC/DC brothers, Angus Young and Malcolm Young, revealed by Alternative Nation via Classic Rock Magazine.

During the interview, Malcolm Young has revealed what he actually thinks about their singer choices. He also shared a ridiculous thing about former AC/DC singer Dave Evans.

Here’s what he said:

“Every time we go back to Australia there’s something in the local paper about, ‘I made the band AC/DC into what they are’ [cackles dryly]. The day we fuckin’ got rid of him, that’s the day the band started. How we got rid of him is quite a good story. We were playing at this pub in Melbourne.

Dave was almost like Gary Glitter in the gear he’d insist on wearing. It was ridiculous. All these hard-nosed, beer-drinking Aussies were after him, so we told him to go for a walk for ten minutes and we’d play a boogie number. But it went on for half an hour and the place was rockin’. After that, we realized that we didn’t need a singer.”

Angus chimed in and said:

“No, we realized we didn’t need that singer! Actually, to call him a singer is being a bit polite.”

Click here for the source of the statement. You can watch one of the performances of Dave Evans below.