In a recent interview with Music Radar, guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen has shared his thoughts about Van Halen’s guitar master Eddie Van Halen. 

Malmsteen talked about how he was influenced by Eddie Van Halen, and said:

“I was 13 years old when that first fuckin’ album came out and it definitely caught my attention. Like I said, I wasn’t into guitar players back then; it was all about classical. But what I loved about them was the rawness of it all – no overdubs; they just went in and fucking did it.

He didn’t have a Floyd Rose for those early records; it was just a vintage Fender bridge. I found those kind of locking vibrato arms kills the sound of the guitar. I use vintage trems and float my bridges quite a bit – usually about 5mm up so you can pull up, but not the whole way. Eddie’s tone was great: just a 1959 Marshall all the way up and nothing turned down!”

He also shared his thoughts on Jimi Hendrix as you can read below:

“Jimi Hendrix was the guy that turned the guitar up… that’s what he did! Obviously there’s a cover of Purple Haze on my new album, but I’ve done Spanish Castle Magic in the past, which is another of my favourites.

We did Little Wing on one of the G3 tours… it’s a great song, but not actually one of his best. I prefer the groovy shit like Little Miss Lover, which I also covered for this new album, though I think it ended up being a bonus track.”

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