Classic Manowar guitarist and Dictators founder, Ross Friedman, was recently interviewed by Rock Pages TV and recalled how he missed the opportunity to produce a Metallica album after producing Anthrax Demo Tape.

As much as being famous as the founder of Manowar and Dictators, Ross The Boss was one of the most talented producers of the early ’80s. He produced the demo tapes of Anthrax back in 1982 and got them signed to Megaforce Records which was one of the most popular record labels of the era.

The well-known independent record label Megaforce Records was founded by Jon Zazula and his wife Marsha in 1982 and a couple of months after they have founded, the couple managed to sign a contract with Metallica to release their debut album, ‘Kill ‘Em All.’

In his latest interview with Rock Pages TV, Ross The Boss recalled the days he had an excellent relationship with Megaforce and how Zazula admitted that the label signed a contract with Anthrax after he produced their demo tape. Meantime, Ross also confessed that not pushing hard to produce a Metallica album is the biggest regret of his whole life.

Friedman recalled these days saying:

“The biggest mistake in my career… Well, I’ve made a couple, boy, let me tell you that. When I produced Anthrax – I produced Anthra’s demo tape and got them signed to Megaforce, with Jon Z.

And Jon Z just told me that, ‘It was because of you I signed Anthrax.’ And, of course, Metallica was in the picture, and Metallica was gonna ask me to produce them too and I think that something happened – I don’t know, but I never wound up doing it. Looking back on it, I should have pushed that.

I would have been on Metallica like ants on honey – bees on honey. Man, why was I just not aware of that?”

You can watch the full interview below.