Press Release: Dewar PR

Cancelled, the solo project of Marc Bourgon (Greber, F**k the Facts) has teamed up with to reveal “Social Impressment”, a new track from his upcoming EP Tenebrific.

You can listen to new track, “Social Impressment” from below.

Tenebrific will be released this Friday. Pre-order the EP here:

About Cancelled: 

Hailing from southern Canada, Cancelled is the experimental recording project of Marc Bourgon (Greber). Spawned as a way to pass time during long tour drives it has cultivated itself into a meaningful creative outlet.

“For the past 10 years of my life I have been constantly writing music,” explains Bourgon. “Whether it be jotting down ideas on a notepad, droning out in our practice space or fleshing out ideas on a laptop it’s something that I have a hard time not doing on a daily basis.” 

Originally part of a larger group of music, “Tenebrific” was thinned down to three songs to deliver the greatest impact possible. “I had intended to have this release be a lot longer but these three songs just seemed to gel better that the rest of the material.”

In it’s prior release, “Threshold Adjustment”, Cancelled delved more into the electronic side of things. Pushing the limits (and the limiter) the overdriven harshness was more pragmatic than anything else. “I had no fucking idea what I was doing,” laughs Marc. “I just pushed the shit out of everything and somehow I can still listen back and enjoy it. That’s a rare thing for me.”

This time around Bourgon asked Kurt Ballou of Godity studios to handle the mix and Ryan Butler of Arcane Digital to master it. The combination gave the songs the aggressive stain Bourgon wanted them to have. “Working with those two was great. I’ve always wanted to work with Kurt (Ballou) and Butler (Ryan) can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.”

While strictly a studio project for the time being, Cancelled has plans to eventually move itself into the live setting.

 “It’s something that I have been tooling around with for awhile. Not having a drummer makes things tough to do live. I would want things to sound huge so it might be a minute until I can pull something live off.”