After announcing his newest studio album and released a new single, Marilyn Manson shared his thoughts about his newest album, ‘We Are Chaos,’ by spoking in a recent interview.

As you might remember, Marilyn Manson had been promoting his new album for months by sharing some artworks on social media, and he released the first single ‘We Are Chaos’ in July. Before one day releasing the album, he shared another single from the album, ‘Don’t Chase The Dead.’

Marilyn made a statement about this album and revealed how he motivated himself while recording the album. Marilyn stated that he was trying to control his craziness and try to pretend like he is not an animal.

However, Marilyn knew that mankind is the worst animal in the world, and it seems like he released the animal inside him to make this album more stunning and enjoyable for the audience.

Here is what Marilyn Manson said:

“When I listen to ‘We Are Chaos’ now, it seems like just yesterday or as if the world repeated itself, as it always does, making the title track and the stories seem as if we wrote them today.

This was recorded to its completion without anyone hearing it until it was finished. There is most definitely a side A and side B in the traditional sense. But just like an LP, it is a flat circle and it’s up to the listener to put the last piece of the puzzle into the picture of songs.

This concept album is the mirror Shooter and I built for the listener – it’s the one we won’t stare into.”

He continued:

“There are so many rooms, closets, safes, and drawers. But in the soul or your museum of memories, the worst is always the mirrors. Shards and slivers of ghosts haunted my hands when I wrote most of these lyrics.

Making this record, I had to think to myself: ‘Tame your crazy, stitch your suit. And try to pretend that you are not an animal’ but I knew that mankind is the worst of them all. Making mercy is like making a murder. Tears are the human body’s largest export.”

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