Legendary vocalist Marilyn Manson and his wife and talented photographer Lindsay Usich showed to the community once again that they are one of the best couples in the world.

Firstly, Marilyn Manson shared a cover picture of Revolver Magazine, which he was on the front page, on his official Instagram account and wrote ‘In Dreams’ in the caption of the post.

Furthermore, his lovely wife Lindsay added a comment in the post to continue what Marilyn wrote as a caption. Apparently, Marilyn wrote the song names ‘In Dreams,’ which is a song by Roy Orbison, and Lindsay wrote the lyrics of the song.

In this way, Marilyn and Lindsay showed how a harmonious couple they are and made everybody smile with these sweet moments. Also, lots of fans pushed the like button of both Lindsay’s comment and Marilyn’s post.

Here is what Marilyn Manson captioned:

“In Dreams…”

Lindsay Usich added this comment:

“Then I asleep to dreams, my dreams of you…”

You can check out the post below.

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“In Dreams…”

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