Legendary frontman Marilyn Manson spoke in a recent interview with Consequence Of Sound and revealed his thoughts about the effects of the coronavirus outbreak while teasing the topics of his upcoming album, ‘We Are Chaos.’

In the conversation, Marilyn mentioned the mental health problems that people are suffering especially after the self-quarantine days, and stated that he can empathize with these people because he faced the same problems in the past.

Furthermore, Marilyn stated that he would be really happy if any of his music and recordings help people to overcome their mental health problems and made them happy and proved that he is a kind-hearted person behind his terrifying makeup.

While explaining how important and concerning this topic is for Marilyn, he also showed that the ‘We Are Chaos’ album could include the songs that make people happy and help them in these tough times.

Here is what Marilyn Manson said:

“If anything that I did on a record contributes to anyone’s personal mental health and happiness in some way, that would be good, because I think that’s a concern that really worries me is that being locked up in a house for so long can really weigh on somebody’s mental health.

And that’s something that I’ve struggled with throughout my life. And, coming from a mother who had schizophrenia and things like that, that was undiagnosed for so many years, it’s gotta be really trying for people who can’t get the type of proper support and attention that they might need from their family or from healthcare people.

I guess that’s about as political or possibly any type of intelligent response to that that I can offer, if that makes any sense, for me at least, as an observer and as a participant, as well.”

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