Marilyn Manson celebrated the 51st birthday of famous actor Norman Reedus, who is known for his role in The Walking Dead series, by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

As you might remember, Marilyn Manson released a new album in early 2020, ‘We Are Chaos,’ and also a music video for his song titled ‘Don’t Chase The Dead.’ In the music video, Norman Reedus was also playing right beside Manson and his wife Lindsay Usich.

Recently on Instagram, Marilyn shared a frame from that music video to celebrate the special day of his long-time friend Norman Reedus. In order to show how much he values the friendship he had with Reedus, Manson called him his ‘almost twin brother.’

Furthermore, in the caption of his post, Marilyn Manson stated that he will be joining Norman at midnight, but he wanted to celebrate his birthday as soon as possible. Manson’s wife Lindsay also shared a comment under the post and mentioned how much she loves both Marilyn and Norman.

Here is how Marilyn Manson celebrated Norman Reedus’ birthday:

“Happy birthday Norman! I will be joining you at midnight my almost twin-brother.”

Here’s what Lindsay Usich stated in her comment:

“Love you both 💙”

You can check out the post and the music video below.