Famous Rock personality and a talented musician, Marilyn Manson has changed his Twitter profile photo with a new one. He simply put an interesting photo that he’s eating lollypop on his profile photo.

However, Marilyn Manson didn’t make any statement about his new profile picture on Twitter yet. He just added a simple tag with the photo. Interestingly, he has already changed his profile photo on Twitter just 5 days ago.

Here’s what he wrote:


A fan named Mandy Tasnady commented:

“Whenever I see MM it reminds me of when I was a 13-year-old girl with a chip on my shoulder… I was obsessed, with MM!

I still listen once in a while to bring me back, but I’m old now and boring… I really like his artwork now though! A very talented man!”

Another fan named Blackbtwi wrote a funny comment:

“It must be hard to decide which profile pic to use when you have so many beautiful photos.”

You can see the new photo of Marilyn Manson below.