One of the most popular singers of the metal community, Marilyn Manson has posted a rare photo of himself with British photographer Ralph Perou on his verified Instagram account.

Marilyn announced that he’s been collaborating with Perou for 21 years, and he’s really proud of working with him.

As we can see on Manson’s recent Instagram post, Perou will release his new ‘fantastic book’. And Marilyn showed his support to Perou by posting his photo on Instagram and announced for the fans that the new book of Perou will be released soon.

While mentioning the new book of Perou, Marilyn said that you have to buy or steal it. We know that it was a joke but if you consider the usual creepy attitude of Marilyn, some fans would take it seriously.

Here’s what Marilyn wrote:

“I have had the pleasure of spending 21 years being photographed by this very amazing man @mrperou and he is releasing a fantastic book of our times together. Buy or steal it. Your choice.

Either way, he is probably the greatest artist that I allowed to take my photo. Otherwise, I am obviously taller than him. Much love to a true friend @mrperou and to@reelartpress.”

You can see the photo of Marilyn below.