In an interview with Sun, Marilyn Manson explained his thoughts about idea of suicide. He said:

“I’ve always frowned upon the idea of suicide.Not to be disparaging but I think it affects too many other people. I’m not saying that about Cornell or Bennington, just to be clear.

I’ve never tried to kill myself because I’d be great at it. I’ve even put in my will that when I die, which will probably be never, I want my funeral to be loaded with dynamite and to explode so everyone there dies.”

He also mentioned about Soundgarden and Linkin Park:

I grew up listening to Soundgarden though but I always thought Linkin Park sounded like The Backstreet Boys meets Korn – it just wasn’t for me.

But later I played shows with them, hung out with them all. I think I took them to their first strip bar – but I’m not really sure.”

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